HTC Magic heading to T-Mobile will it become T-Mobile G2?

According to some FCC documents unearthed by the guys at CellPhoneSignal, the HTC Magic/ Sapphire smartphone is destined for T-Mobile, as testified by the pink and grey T-Mobile logo on the HTC Magic FCC image.

There is definitely no mistaking that T-Mobile logo emblazoned atop the HTC Magic touchscreen, which was just as it was shown when Google showcased their offline Gmail back at MWC 2009.

The HTC Magic is clearly headed for T-Mobile so one wonders if it will remain as the HTC Magic or HTC Sapphire or finally become the T-Mobile G2 or maybe something entirely different.


One thought on “HTC Magic heading to T-Mobile will it become T-Mobile G2?”

  1. natilee says:

    this phone seems really bad…i definatly dont think it should be in the top 20. its not even that it doesnt have good features…its UGLY AS WELL