April Fools Day Pranks and Jokes on your mobile phone

Today is April 1st which also means it is April Fool’s Day, so many jokes, lies and pranks are going to happen today and no doubt you will be one of them.

Many of you thought that the Conficker Virus Worm was an April Fool’s joke, but this is very real indeed, or what about the Nokia Aeon going into production, or what one of our readers said “A whole better prank, a friend of mine used his girlfriends phone, used the voice recorder to store a blood-curdling scream and set it as the ring tone in a new profile. Then when they sat down to watch a scary movie together,he quickly switched to the profile he had created and simply dialled her number from the kitchen,…he witnessed her almost physically jumping out of her skin,….she still hasn’t forgiven him”.

Anyway we know what today is about and we want to know if you have any prank happen to you with your mobile phone, have you received a prank call, have you had April fool’s Day jokes sent to you, etc etc. Get those comments in below.

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