BlackBerry 8830 on Verizon gains OS 4.5 update

According to a post over at engadget mobile apparently the Verizon Wireless branded BlackBerry 8830 is getting an official update.

The reported update for the Verizon BlackBerry 8830 will be BlackBerry OS 4.5 taking it up from v4.2 which the BlackBerry 8830 is currently running.

Sprint has already issued the same BlackBerry OS 4.5 update for their BlackBerry 8830 handsets so there shouldn’t be any real surprises in store, and has probably been on the cards for Verizon Wireless as they wouldn’t want to be seen lagging behind Sprint for too long would they.


3 thoughts on “BlackBerry 8830 on Verizon gains OS 4.5 update”

  1. Richie says:

    I got 4.5 from a link in a forum on crackberry.com. update allows gps to be used in Blackberry maps. I haven’t tried it on Google Maps yet.

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