T-Mobile new mobile phone tentative release dates?

Apparently a “trusted source” has informed TemoNews of a purported list of tentative release dates for almost 12 mobile phones on T-Mobile, and heading that list if apparently the Sidekick 2009 or Blade with a release date of May 13th.

The Sidekick 2009/Blade is followed up by the HTC Snap on July 1st with the HTC Rhodium/Touch Pro2 on the 22nd July which is followed on the list by a pre-paid Nokia 1661 for the 29th of April.

Others are…the Sony Ericsson CS8 expected 24th June…6 Samsung T-series mobile phone with release dates ranging from 6th to Mat up to 19th of August… and lastly the HTC Magic/Sapphire with a released date of TBA. Don’t take all this as written in stone though.


3 thoughts on “T-Mobile new mobile phone tentative release dates?”

  1. Serg says:

    I am so getting the touch pro 2, cant wait to get my hands on it. lets hope AT&T picks it up. I got Verizone but they suck. T-mobile im not sure about them!!!! might have to go with them…

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