What’s the best BlackBerry Handset Available to Date?

There have been many BlackBerry mobile handsets to come out of Research In Motion. The BlackBerry smartphone is one of the most wanted handsets available, but there are a great deal to choose from.

When you look at all the BlackBerry handsets available, the BlackBerry Bold, the BlackBerry Storm, The BlackBerry Curve series and BlackBerry Pearl series, no wonder people have a time about making up their minds which one to purchase.

So, with this in mind, I’d like to ask our readers opinion on the BlackBerry handsets. Let us know what’s the best BlackBerry handset available to date in your opinion. Just drop us your view in the comments section below.



20 thoughts on “What’s the best BlackBerry Handset Available to Date?”

  1. Robert Carnevali says:

    I’ve done comparisons between the Bold and the Curve 8900. The Bold has 3G network speed, better CPU, and the best keyboard I’ve seen to date. Typing on it is a pleasure. The Curve 8900, while not having quite the horsepower as the Bold, still has good response from its CPU, a higher-resolution display, and a better camera. The keyboard is quite good on the Curve, just not as roomy as the Bold. Therein is the deciding factor between the two. The Curve fits comfortably in your hand and easily slips into a pocket. The Bold, while being more of a workhorse, is noticeably larger and doesn’t quite feel as ergonomic in your hand or pocket. The Curve, while packed with great hardware, trades off just a little of the horsepower of the Bold for a more comfortable fit. I honestly believe that both are about equal, with the deciding factor left up to personal preference…. do you want a more comfortable fit, or a slightly better typing and online experience?

  2. What Robert says backs up what I’ve heard from both an Orange salesman and a previous Carphone manager. To me, using a Blackberry for work, speed and ease of typing are far more important factors. I’m currently using a Storm, which, with it’s clickable touchscreen is impressive in its new technology, but sadly lacking in responsiveness (need for accuracy will slow down type speed no matter how well acquainted you get with the phone).

  3. Nat says:

    I have a curve 8330 for over a year now. I can’t begin to tell you how many problems I had which required a new phone.Without exagerating this is my seventh or eighth. Its usually the software thats the problem. They need to be more reliable.I don’t know about the other models but hope they’re better.

  4. Scott says:

    I have the new bold (9700) it is excellent. Really fast browsing, trackpad is far superior to track ball great resolution in a smaller handset.

    As they say once you go black(berry) you never go back!

  5. robs Kabobs says:

    well I did something that some might say a NO NO.
    I compared the IPhone to the Bold 9700 please understand I know that the storm is the closest thin to the IPhone due to the touch screen interaction platform. however please remember the very bottom line, smart phone vs smart phone.
    the Iphone is a fun flashy and cool looking along with a very good gaming platform system. but that is not all, the basic factory function that are intended to a smart phone features, such as Email, phone, text and web browsing which is why apple is calling it an IPhone not an ITouch.
    and that is how I made my comparison. not to leave out connection.
    the 3G connection on BB Bold 9700 is proven to be far better then the Iphone (AT&T is getting a bad rep. due to the IPhone’s poor reception, as I’m sure your seeing in the verizon TV adds)
    as to storage room the Iphone is preset 8gigs 16gigs and so on…. the Bold 9700 comes with plenty of room for expansion with the SD memory cards.
    Email push time highly depend on the connection and timed preset on the IPhone, Bold 9700 is much faster.
    the browser is far better on BB because its a 90% full browser, the safari 70% .
    I go further to say the camera and camcorder on the Bold 9700 is much higher resolution and comes with a flash. even the sound is louder on BB then the Iphone. the bluetooth on IPhone works only with other Iphones and a very slim list of objects, the bold 9700 most adaptable bar non ironically works well with Iphone.
    the long and the short of it is it depends what you expect from your phone given your needs.
    but by comparison to other BBs the bold 9700 aka Onyx is a far superior to its predecessors.
    I won and IPhone 3GS and the BOLD 9000 and the Bold 9700 and I must say the Bold 9700 is on my top of my list.
    recommendation? BOLD 9700 aka ONYX Bar non.

  6. liz Turner says:

    I recommend the Bold 9700. All the apps you could want at the press of a button. Its a nice handy size, not too heavy and I like the look. The trackpad it so easy to use. I tried the Storm 2 for a few days but didnt like it. It was too heavy and unreliable-touchscreen was hit and miss (regularly freezing up) and texting was hard work. Bold 9700 everytime.

  7. baller says:

    I personally think the bold 9000 is a much better phone then the 9700. The 9700 is small in size, and doesn’t give you “bold” feeling in your hand, whereas the 9000 gives you that bulky feeling. I’ve also heard that the 9700 is just an upgrade of the 8900, just changed the software and etc… The 9000 and the 9700 share the same proccessor. Just the camera is better.

  8. chris says:

    ive currenly got the curve 8520 as im new to bberry phones and what a way to get introduced to bberry smartphones. as i am now ready to into a more advanced phone i am looking to get more but righly the same size sp i think i will be goin for the bold 9700 mainly due to the trackpad as it makes the phone not only look better but a delight to use.

  9. Clang says:

    Can anyone advise me:
    I am a techonphobe, looking for the simpliest of solutions to everyday requirements. A business user, on the move! I am looking for a blackberry to keep a check on my emails on the move. I dont necessarily need a camera, or anything else, I just want to make calls and email easily so I would prefer a qwerty keyboard. If anyone can make a suggestion on model for reliability of emails and ease of email use on the move, I would be obliged!


  10. Lee says:

    Well clang, If you are just after the most basic BB just to check e-mails then the basic BB pearl 8100 series is as good as all BB's. The downside is that it features a half qwerty pad, where the 2 or 3 letters are shared on 1 key, it works fine, but is obviously not going to be as good as the full pad. But the benefit of the pearl is its small candy bar size. If the full pad is what you are after, i would recommend the curve 8520. Not the top of the range BB's but all are easy to set up your e-mail accounts and push e-mails very quickly and sending e-mails are a breeze.

  11. steve says:

    blackberry bold is a rubbish phone compared to the curve 8900 ive had both of them and i can honestly say the curve is 1 million times better actually im over exajurating they are both good but the curve is just a little bit better …….

  12. chris says:

    I say that the bb bold 9000 is way better then the 9700 because the 9700 is a copy of the 8900 the same things are the camara on a 180 degree and the looks and the size it is the same size it looks the same from the top and the keypad is also squshied up like the 8900 I recomend u 2 buy a 9000 if u want faster internet and if u want it just because people have it than buy 8900

  13. Elaine says:

    I'm new to BB and have the Bold. It took me a couple of weeks to get to grips with it. The only thing I would say is that the keys are very small and therefore better for a woman, I don't know how a man can cope with it. As I have had a mobile phone for over 20 years, I can't get used to it not doing the same things., like hands free with loud speaker phone, or vibrate only. The camera and flash are great. Surfing the net is a breeze. I suppose it is better to have a qwerty key board. Emails come through quicker than they do on my laptop. Friends tell me I should have had a Storm, but I wanted the latest model.

  14. Ive had the BB storm – and ithe touch screen was hit and miss and constantly freezing.Not user friendly.I then decided after a month to get the BBBold 9700 – a pleasure to use.Beautiful and compact – excellent internet connection speed.I would recommend it to anyone.Im a tchnophobe and had stuck to the trusted nokia for years – im converted : )

  15. frankiie says:

    i need help, i want a blackberry and my friend said hers is a blackberry curve, and i like her phone although i would like to know which everyone prefers.
    im looking for a phone thats not too big and bold, but im normally on the go, so a good internet connection and the most amount of storage ect so.. can people please help me choose thankyou.xx

  16. mr billam says:

    the old blackberry 8800 is one of the best every made i upgraded to the 8900 then 9000 now hae storm but none of them were as simple as the love of my life the 8800 if it was not for the fact my 2year old thought it might float in the bath id still have it

  17. Laurynn♥JLSx says:

    I Think The BB Bold 9780 Or The BB Curve 8520 As Im Getting One Of These This Weekend I Think I Might Get The Bold As The Look Of It And My Antie Has It Nd I Go On It All The Time Its Such A Great Phone I Cant Wait Till Saturday xDD

  18. Lilly says:

    I think bb Curve 9360 best cos it is easy 2 use, it has a gr8 QWERTY keypad and the trackpad is gr8 2. There r lots of free apps 2 choose from and dey r reely cool.

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