Who will dominate 2009? Apple, Nokia, BlackBerry, Palm or other

The battle lines in the smartphone wars for 2009 have been drawn up and will more than likely see the likes of Apple, Nokia, BlackBerry, Palm and undoubtedly more join in the mobile foray.

We know this year we will see Palm take the reins with the Palm Pre, later in the year the Nokia N97 is expected to join the battle, and then there is of course Apple defending their dominance of the mobile arena with the rumoured new Apple iPhone.

But the big question is…who will dominate 2009? What do you think readers? Will it be Apple, Nokia, Palm, BlackBerry, or do you think someone else will grab then headlines and win over these powerful competitors? Drop us a comment to let us know your views.



One thought on “Who will dominate 2009? Apple, Nokia, BlackBerry, Palm or other”

  1. cdamion says:

    You forgot google android 🙂 however it does not take a psychic to know the anwser to that… It’s the same that ruled 2008, and regardless of a new device or not. OS 3.0 is enough to keep it going. Now imagine if the new iPhone comes superb in hardware also…

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