Palm Pre (WebOS) Vs HTC Magic (Android)

The guys over at mobile-phones.co.uk have decided to do a quick comparison between the Palm Pre (WebOS) and the HTC Magic (Android) to see just how they measure up against each other.

Firstly the HTC Magic is the 2nd Google Android platform handset and features such stuff as Google Search, Google Maps, Google StreetView, Google Talk, and Gmail. The HTC Magic features a virtual keyboard, 512MB memory but with microSD expansion, and Bluetooth. And the Android Market continues to grow with hundreds of apps.

The Palm Pre runs its own WebOS platform which is optimised for mobile internet access and uses a “card” type stem a bit like Google Chrome and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. The Palm Pre has a hidden slide down QWERTY keyboard, 8GB memory and 3.5mm jack but no microSD expansion.

The guys reckon the Palm Pre wins as it simply does mostly everything the HTC Magic does but with more style. SO what do you think readers, do you agree or would you prefer the HTC Magic?


3 thoughts on “Palm Pre (WebOS) Vs HTC Magic (Android)”

  1. tomascco says:

    Hey, I like this – comparing two phones which have no user base or hands-on experience by any journalist!

    I’d love to write more, but I’m late for the fight between Batman and Superman. This ought to be good!

  2. drox says:

    All I can say is… I have tried the G1 and was not 100% impressed by it sluggish behavior (which HTC is sayin they’ll cure wit the magic) but @ the same time the Pre seems to be slightly ahead because of the numerous communication possibilities it has for consumers.

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