What would you like to see in the iPhone 3.0 hardware?

As most are aware unless you’ve been hiding away on some desert island, Apple will be pushing out an Apple iPhone 3.0 hardware update in June.

Well, this leads to the speculation of just what the Apple iPhone 3.0 hardware will include. I posted an expected list of what may be included earlier and you can find that post (here)

But what we would really like to know is what our Apple iPhone packing readers would like to see in the iPhone 3.0 hardware. So iPhoners feel free to drop us a comment and give us your opinions on what iPhone 3.0 hardware should include.



2 thoughts on “What would you like to see in the iPhone 3.0 hardware?”

  1. alexandre says:

    – cut and paste across basic aps (e.g., web, email, notes)
    – device-wide search function
    – some kind of work processing ability/doc creation that can be emailed or saved
    – landscape orientation for all aps especially email

  2. cdamion says:

    Magnetic compass for gps apps
    Better camera for video and photos with mirror for framing
    Front camera for skype
    Wifi 11n
    32 and 64GB versions
    3.8 and 5″ versions

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