BlackBerry Pearl Flip New leaked OS

A new OS for the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 smartphone has been leaked, according to the guys over at CrackBerry, and is BlackBerry OS.

Have to remain those packing the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 handset though that this OS update is not an official release from Research In Motion.

Therefore, as usual you install OS at you own risk, and remember these leaked OS updates sometimes take a step back in certain areas but jump forward in others. Still if you simply can’t wait for the official release then check it out.


One thought on “BlackBerry Pearl Flip New leaked OS”

  1. Roger N. says:

    i love the blackberry pearl flip. i didn't think blackberry would ever come out with a cell phone that was a flip phone, but i'm so happy they did. i didn't have enough $$ to get a new one from my carrier, and i didn't wanna renew my contract, so i went online and got mine from gsmallover.com. it worked out great. this phone is attached to my hand, i never leave without it.

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