iPhone teaches Chinese with Mandarin FastTrack 1.0 app

So you got yourself an Apple iPhone, and you’ve always fancied trying to learn another language, Chinese maybe, well how about a little Mandarin?

Mandarin FastTrack 1.0 for the Apple iPhone is being touted as the “effective learning tool employing cognitive design,” according to a post over at Intomobile. Apparently Mandarin FastTrack 1.0 will get iPhoners to the basic conversational level and can also work as talking English to Chinese translator and dictionary.

There are exercises and phonic lessons in all 21 initials and 36 finals with in excess of 1000 words, short phrases and terms in 16 categories and two quizzes. Mandarin FastTrack 1.0 for the Apple iPhone is available from the Apple iTunes App Store for $18.99.

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