Land Rover branded Sonim S1 at FCC

The Land Rover is associated with ruggedness, and Sonim did promise we’d be seen a Land Rover branded mobile phone this year. Well according to Engadget Mobile, the Sonim S1 rugged mobile phone is with the FCC.

Apparently the Sonim S1 is a Land Rover branded highly ruggedised handset that could by the looks of it withstand being run over by a few Land Rovers.

Other than that though there is no mention of any real specification, so we will be waiting to find out just what the Sonim Land Rover S1 offers, along with any pricing and availability.


5 thoughts on “Land Rover branded Sonim S1 at FCC”

  1. Sean Finlayson says:

    I got this as an ‘upgrade’ to my Sonim XP3:
    The texting software is prehistoric.
    The camera picture quality is dire.
    The memory card is fitted but the phone says: ‘no memory card – use phone memory’. In other words, it doesn’t recognise the card.
    Talking on the phone, people at the other end say sound quality is poor.
    In all, I’m disappointed with this, compared to the XP3, especially considering what I paid for it…

  2. Richard says:

    Landrover mobile – I tried it out for 2 weeks, but sent it back… The biggest problem with the phone was that the screen only was able to stay on for 60 seconds maximum… Making it no good for GPS use… There were a few other problems; my speech sounded muffled when I spoke to others on phone… A few other minor problems for an ADVENTURE PHONE…


  3. david says:

    landrover phone it rubbish ive had for 2 months want to throw it against the wall my value for it is about £80.00 tops, i waiting for replacement they promise it is on the delivery lorry but it dont come this the 3rd day in a week ive stopped in waiting for the promissed replacement first review ive ever wrote i so annoyed with it, i want people to know theres much much better phones out there, it has problems it not fully tested in my opinion, my short poem to you all is DONT BUY YOU WILL CRY.

  4. Stephen Bond says:

    Ive had the Sonim Landrover phone for six months now. As I’d always had Nokias before it took me a while to get to grips with all the features.But Its the best phone I’ve ever had and I would not be without it. The torch is like a search light, its tough,the GPS is good -the internet is obviously limited by the screen size but ok for occasional use.Its everything I want.

  5. I'm a total Land Rover fan and owner so the phone was an obvious toy I had to have. It IS very tough and stands up tp my oudoor lifestyle very well . However, the software has jammed more than once and only by eventualy taking the battery out and putting it back in have I managed to resurrect the phone each time. The battery has never from day 1 had anything like the promised life – I'd estimate that I'm lucky if it ever lasted more than 2 days without charge. A year on and it barely lasts 20 hours without charge. I can no longer go straight to contacts alphabeticaly, but have to scroll through them all to get the one I want. The GPS has *never* ever worked from day 1, not once – it just says "unable to connect" – no matter where I am. In short, I'm amazed Land Rover put thier name to this! I nearly bought one rather than getting one on contract and I'm really glad I did not as I'd be gutted to have spent that much money for something that works so poorly – and no video facility? In 2011? For something retailing around £300 thats a joke.

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