Apple iPhone Apps: wikiHow Open Source how-to manual

There is now a new Apple iPhone app available from the Apple iTunes App Store in the how-to range. According to a post on Intomobile, wikihow.com along with Keishi Hattori has put out wikiHow for the iPhone.

wikiHow is apparently “the world’s how-to manual” which delivers to the Apple iPhone an abundance of useful articles and how-to manuals. The iPhoner can search, browse and store in excess of 50,000 how-to articles so they can view online and offline.

wikiHow for the iPhone is a free app and also supplies an “how-to of the day”, allows viewing of YouTube videos, and has a bookmarking feature along with a bonus “wikihow Survival Kit,” which apparently helps the iPhoner through some of life’s most difficult situations and includes medical treatment and life saving techniques.