Apple iPhone Apps: Star Trek Phaser

The Apple iPhone already has a Star Wars lightsabre app so perhaps it’s about time another science fiction legend had its own Apple iPhone app for all the iPhone toting Star Trek fans out there.

Well according to an article over on justanotheriphoneblog, Star Trek Phaser for the Apple iPhone is now available and allows the iPhoner to simulate the famous sounds of the hit series favourite weapon.

The iPhoner can set to kill or set to stun and the Star Trek Phaser app will deliver up the appropriate visual and sound effect, and can also be used to play shooting games over a WiFi network. The best bit is Star Trek Phaser is a free app from the App Store.


One thought on “Apple iPhone Apps: Star Trek Phaser”

  1. Constable Odo says:

    Gee, would an adult actually have the nerve to go around firing their iPhone at people with a fake Phaser. I doubt if their bosses would appreciate being fired at even in jest.

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