Android Market ban slapped on Cupcake adopters by Google?

It looks like Google doesn’t like Cupcake and doesn’t want T-Mobile G1 users uploading Cupcake onto their handset, and according to a report over at androidcentral, Google in a bit to halt G1ers adopting Cupcake have banned access to the Android Market.

Apparently the reason for this move is Google has noticed more and more T-Mobile G1 owners updating to Cupcake, and so are hoping this move will force a halt to the spread of Cupcake.

So the chances are if you have already got Cupcake you will no longer be able to search, browse or purchase any applications via the Android Market. So if you are a G1 owner and have updated to Cupcake and can’t access the market, drop us a line letting us know.


2 thoughts on “Android Market ban slapped on Cupcake adopters by Google?”

  1. Harold morales says:

    I bought the Open Home app, that they sell on their market. Mostly for the skins. Now am banned. It just keeps searching, and never ends. Ha. Well the iphone dosent sell you something and then punish you. That is not even legal.

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