Could the Palm Pre die by next year?

Now there’s a question posed by ubergizmo; apparently 24/7 Wall Street and Motley Fool have predicted that Palm won’t make it till the next year.

They claim the Palm Pre to be the device which has to make the jump to drag Palm back from the abyss or it’s as good as “dead and buried.”

A great deal is riding on the Pre for Palm, and if the Palm Pre fails to be hugely successful then maybe Motley Fool and 24/7 Wall Street will be right. There is always a chance the Palm Pre won’t garner as many sales as is being predicted, and if that happened it is probably bye-bye Palm.


3 thoughts on “Could the Palm Pre die by next year?”

  1. Tyler! says:

    There are two problems with this prediction:

    1) The survey sited by Motley Fool and Wall Street is a flawed survey; it makes its assumption based on statistics gleaned from consumers who are not likely to have even heard of the Palm Pre. That will change, especially now that Palm and Sprint are finally ramping up their marketing campaign. The survey should have been done (or should be re-done) during the full swing of the Pre’s pre-release marketing campaign, and only after the Pre’s release date and pricing are officially announced, in order to get a far more accurate assessment of consumer intent.

    2) The Motley Fool author who originally wrote the article is an Apple investor (he mentions this in his full-disclosure), though that doesn’t really imply anything all by itself. However, even though he writes for a group that claims to offer “unbiased financial insight”, it seems a little suspect that he would be so irresponsible as to report these survey findings cast in a light as being truly indicative of consumer intent. As an analyst, he should have known that the survey findings were premature and it speaks volumes about his credibility that he did not offer that perspective.

  2. Scott says:

    Seriously? Who is to predict when a phone is going to die before its life even begins!? There is a lot of hype surrounding the Pre, and I will agree that it is going to be a major device for both Palm and Sprint…

  3. mike says:

    I agreed with article above — alot is riding on this phone — no one is more excited about it’s release than me, BUT i am skeptical about the pricing and marketing of the phone. Sprint hasn’t be forthcoming with the pricing which is, i believe, no helping them and they are so quiet on the release date. They need to come right out and say that i will be released on “X” date for “X” price and then flood the market with advertisements and be careful not to compare it to the iphone, which is what caused the instinct to fail

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