Samuel Morse Birthday: From Morse Code to Mobile Phones

Dot, dot, dot, dash, dash, dot…Morse Code inventor Samuel Finley Breese Morse was born April 27th 1791 and died April 2nd 1872 and today is of course his birthday reports product-reviews.

Samuel Morse was an American painter of historic scenes, but his worldwide fame comes obviously from being the creator of the Morse code system.

In its day, Morse code was the way of communication and was widely used during wars such as the Crimea and the American civil war. Communications have come a long way since the days of Morse code, yet in a way we still use the same type of tapping on today’s mobile phones when tapping out a text.

Not too different really, so one could say Morse code was the forerunner to text messaging. So readers, do you know anything about Morse code on mobile phones, maybe it’s possible to Morse a text message?


4 thoughts on “Samuel Morse Birthday: From Morse Code to Mobile Phones”

  1. Gururaja, VU2GRU says:

    In Nokia Mobile Phones, for SMS allert is given by the Morse code like ” … _ _ … “. ( three dots makes the letter S and two dashes makes the letter M.

    G Gururaja, VU2GRU
    Scientists, NAL, Bangalore, India.

  2. john H says:

    The Morse Texter worked on 1st and second generation Symian smart phones. It also worked by using the joy ‘tip’ well enough you could tap out text real fast and not have to look at the screen. Don’t think its supported anymore. Too bad.

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