Motorola W7 disastrous designing in the making

Some news on Motorola today as we hear about a rumoured Motorola W7 which is reportedly for the lower end of the mobile market, but to be honest Motorola simply isn’t trying any more to keep up with any fashion statement for mobile phones, as is evident by the image idnes has posted

The Motorola W7 definitely won’t win any design awards that’s for sure, and if Motorola does want to pull themselves out of the brink they need to employ some new mobile phone designers.

The rumoured specs for the Motorola W7 are, an oblong D-pad, a camera, an EDGE, and supposedly water resistant but we don’t know how much, not that we really care either.

Maybe it’s time to give the Motorola designers a new set of crayons, what do you think?

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