Palm Pre Date: Pre order one month before release

The latest news on a release for the Palm Pre goes like this; apparently the Palm Pre will become available for pre-order one month before it is actually released says a report on softpedia.

This means of course that although as yet no confirmed date for the release of the Palm Pre is available, we will know once a pre-order page goes live to expect the Palm Pre one month from that date, or there about.

Now obviously this is again just a rumour, but apparently one that has surface via a Sprint Customer Service Specialist, whether that gives the rumour any credence is another thing, but let see if Sprint does post a pre-order page soon, and see if this rumour actually becomes fact and we see a Palm Pre release a month after.


One thought on “Palm Pre Date: Pre order one month before release”

  1. PhonerBoner says:

    I’ve been with the same phone for over 3 years and i’ve been waiting for the palm pre since january….. i refuse to wait any longer! palm still hasn’t announced a price or a release date for this phone and my contract with sprint has been expired for quite sometime. i’m doing what i should’ve done a while ago, taking my money and buying an unlocked 16GB iPhone 3G for $150…. the only thing that’s kept me with sprint is the fact i’ve been with them for 10 years and have never had a problem… but they don’t have any good phones that fit my needs….BYE SPRINT!

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