Do you think Google Android has failed?

Has Android gone down the Pan? An article over at pcmag seems to think so as they say Google Android was supposed to be on numerous different devices from numerous manufacturers and was supposed to be more flexible than the likes of the BlackBerry OS.

It’s been 6 months since Android was born on the T-Mobile G1 and there is only one other available and that the HTC Magic, although earlier I did report Samsung is pushing out their 1st Android smartphone the Samsung I7500.

However, even with 3 Google Android smartphone on the market is doesn’t make the Android platform a real ground shaker does it. Now Google has pushed out Android 1.5 OS will it make more manufacturers make Android based smartphones?

So is Android failing to impress and if so has it failed to be all that it was supposed to be?


4 thoughts on “Do you think Google Android has failed?”

  1. joshdroid says:

    The G1 is an awesome device. HTC makes good hardware. The OS Android is real easy to use(like iphone) but you don’t feel like a total Sheep following the crowd. If you don’t love yourself and want the approval of compleate blind loosers. Stick with apple and get your icrap on. If you love yourself and care for the good of man Keep Android and whatever device works best for you.

    Attention all people. If you have an iphone you are going to look like a tennis player in a NO FEAR t-shirt. Complete D-bag

  2. for me android is a big success, i like it. That OS is easy to use, really. I have g1, and i ll buy first succesor with amoled display and better battery 🙂 … samsung comming soon…

  3. MattCopp says:

    First, learn to write properly:
    “even with 3 Google Android smartphone on the market is doesn’t make the Android platform a real ground shaker does it.”

    Corrected that for you:
    “even with 3 Google Android smartphones on the market, it doesn’t make the Android platform a real ground shaker does it?”

    Now, moving away from making this a slagging match about grammar. I think you may have missed a few articles:

    Samsung confirms 3 Android phones for this year. I think what you possibly haven’t considered is that it takes more than a year to design a phone with a new OS. Android was announced in November 2007 according to Wikipedia, so 18 months later we’re starting to see the fruits of that.

    While I agree it’s starting to look like Android won’t make a huge splash in the market, especially for low end mobile phones which are what most people buy. It is a very welcome competitor in the smartphone market and really ups the game when there isn’t a serious competitor to the iPhone OS. I’ve never seen a Symbian 60 phone do spinney things quite like Apple does.

    So hopefully Android will break into the smartphone market and give the consumer some eye-candy for once, and forcing existing mobile phone developers out of their unimaginative, unintelligible OS rut (pointing fingers at previous attempts by Samsung and LG).

    But before Android can become widely accepted, and move out of the smartphone market (which I believe is the real crux your point). Google will have to produce a stripped down Android that works on cheaper hardware, which I doubt they will do.

    Android can be great, admittedly only in the smartphone market, but give it time. The iPhone OS is only now starting to become as feature-full as more mature OS’s like S60, and Apple had to only design that for one type of hardware.

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