New iPhone vs. Palm Pre: which will release first?

That’s my question for our readership for today, which of these two highly anticipated smartphone will get into the public’s hands first?

As we know, most Apple iPhone handset release round about the same time as previous models and if true then the new iPhone could well be hitting in June.

Now we come to the Palm Pre, and something that is turning into a pet annoyance with me, as the Palm Pre continues to evade release, rumour after rumour on when it will release but nothing confirmed from Palm, it makes one wonder if the new iPhone will actually beat the Pre to the mark.

So folks, which will it be: iPhone or Palm Pre to get released first?



4 thoughts on “New iPhone vs. Palm Pre: which will release first?”

  1. Alex says:

    Who really cares? I’ve got a life and don’t sit home waiting like a crazy person for a phone released date.

  2. Andre says:

    I hoping for the Iphone 3.0 right now I have the storm but its kind of faulty sometimes restarting on its own freezing not accepting calls. Its time for an upgrade!

  3. blued888 says:

    If the iPhone gets released first, it will pretty much slaughter the Palm Pre. Plus, rumors going around that Palm’s gonna be limiting quantities on the Palm Pre? Very bad idea!

  4. Angelo says:

    The Pre will release first of course! The iPhone will probably get announced in June, but won’t be out for sale till August.