Apple may be sued by iPhone app developers?

Looks like Apple may have a legal battle brewing with Apple iPhone app developers as techcrunch is reporting Apple has neglected to pay some developers for applications that are on sale in the Apple iTunes App Store.

It seems Apple continue to delay payments to the developers and some have just about had enough and are threatening to sue Apple for breach of contract.

Obviously some iPhone application developers are getting paid, but for some reason not all of them. Can’t quite see why Apple would deliberately delay any payment, I mean its not like they are strapped for cash is it.


One thought on “Apple may be sued by iPhone app developers?”

  1. This is a weird one – have seen on the developer community forums people with as much as 10k owed for app sales….it’s not that apple cant pay this kind of money – they just need to build an automated system to make this happen. Micropayments may be a solution?

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