Apple iPhone 3.0: Parental controls within Apps Store

Apple has been known to reject applications to the Apple iTunes App Store due to what they call inappropriate content. Well now according to 9to5mac that type of rejection may soon change.

Apparently Apple has announced new parental controls in iPhone OS 3.0 that will allow the submission of adult content for the Apple iPhone.

It would appear as long as said adult content is locked behind the parental control system in iPhone OS 3.0 then all will be fine when submitting an adult based application to the App Store.

What are your views? Should adult content be allowed on the iPhone?


2 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 3.0: Parental controls within Apps Store”

  1. I may be biased (I run http://pureiporn.com, an adult mobile site optimized for iPhone and iPod Touch) but I think the iPhone is too perfect a device to not be utilized for adult purposes. I think the newly proposed parental controls is a great way to show your concern for parents and conservative groups, while still opening up the app store for more risque apps. They need to maintain their corporate image, which is very understandable. But the market demand for 3G adult services is undeniable. There are already many adult companies releasing 3G optimized services, including streaming video, dating, live video chat, click-to-call audio chat, etc. I’m very curious to see how “adult” Apple will allow the approved apps to be. I’m guessing it won’t be what people are really looking for, but I remain hopeful.

  2. dan says:

    no they do not need 2 put adult content on there that sort of stuff is for losers! no need for parental controls if its not on there in the first place bring out the fun apps! and lets keep it as that!

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