How to Sync to Outlook for BlackBerry Smartphone users

Time for all you BlackBerry smartphone owners to learn a lesson on how to set up your BlackBerry handset to sync with Outlook, a lesson given by the guys over at CrackBerry.

Apparently “How to Setup your BlackBerry to Sync with Outlook,” is a question often asked, and to help BlackBerry owners stop beating their heads against their handset, they have come up with this ease to follow tuition on just how to achieve this.

The Blackberry smartphone they used was a Blackberry Bold on 5.0 but it should make no difference what handset you use as long as you have 4.2 or better. So hit up the link and learn just how to Sync to Outlook.


4 thoughts on “How to Sync to Outlook for BlackBerry Smartphone users”

  1. M Caskey says:

    How do I synch a Blackberry Curve 8900 to a shared oulook calender. It will sych with my personal calender but I cannot see how to synch with the group shared calender. Any idease?

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