Is the Palm Pre hope or hype? Your Thoughts

Well that’s the big question isn’t it? The Palm Pre is hoped to be the smartphone which will save Palm and Sprint, but will it or is it all hype?

With all the rumoured releases and now that apparently the Palm Pre will release around about the same time as the new Apple iPhone, can the Pre do it for Palm?

Personally my view is Palm and Sprint have dished the hype on the Pre but have been too much of a let down in getting it out for public playtime, and thus have possibly damaged potential sales, which in the end is what the game’s all about.

Maybe you are one who has wanted a Palm Pre but is fed up with waiting and is going for something else? Or are you prepared to wait no matter how long it may take. Whatever the case we’d like to know your thoughts.

Is the Palm Pre hope or hype?



9 thoughts on “Is the Palm Pre hope or hype? Your Thoughts”

  1. Peter says:

    The Pre is both hope and hype. Palm appreciators have wanted a ground breaking smart phone for a long time. Although Palm created the smart phone, it has not put out a cutting edge product for years. It has talked about an industry changing, Linux based phone for 18, maybe 24 months. Now that the Pre was announced at CES, the already existing buzz has been puffed up to a fevered pitch. Palm may be grappling with some anticipation fatigue as customers inclined to stay with Palm are exposed to a growing list of very attractive and advanced smart phones from a host of manufacturers. In the end, however, if the Pre lives up to its billing, all will be forgiven. If it comes out buggy or even something short of a homerun, the Palm bloodline comes to an end.

  2. GG says:

    I concur… Sprint & Palm are all bark and no bite. I am one of those loyal customers that they seem to have taken for granted in their perpetual wait game. It seems to me if they had a product ready for market it would have been out already. Not only are we waiting for the Pre now they want the public to wait for the Pixie or other non-existent products. In Texas we say if you can’t run with the big dogs stay on the porch… Sprint & Palm are at home on the porch.

  3. Alex says:

    I’m waiting until the phone’s been out a few weeks to see the reviews and get a feel for how it’s going to do before jumping onboard. But if they are true to the rumors and will require the $99 Simply Everything plan, then I’m going to go with a different phone.

    I hope Palm isn’t stupid enough to let Sprint drag them down to bankruptcy.

  4. dee says:

    Hey Alex, no you won’t need the simply everything plan, just the everything DATA plan and they start out at unlimited data and 400 anytime mins $69

  5. Scott says:

    I’m waiting til the Palm Eos comes to ATT. I prefer a candybar style to a slider (so I can put a hard case on it). Also, it will be lower priced and hopefully the bugs will be out of it by then.

  6. Chris Neuman says:

    I am tired of waiting. Not only was I waiting for the PRE but I also wanted the GSM version. I currently use the TREO 750. I wanted to stay with TREO but I may decide to move to the new I Phone when it comes out. The applications on it are outstanding.

    TREO, wake up!

  7. herb says:

    Regarding the Pre I am more concerned with the financial viability of both the Palm and Sprint.
    This will leave me with a wait a see attutude.
    I think that Pre has been ‘to cute’ with their release disappointing fired up tech junkies like myself.
    They may have lost their opportunity and may be buried by the new iphone. A shame, I really liked what I saw.

    Herb Lipton

  8. tomascco says:

    Not having the phone in my hand to do a true evaluation, and I’m assuming none of you have either, it’s difficult to say what percentage of hype and hope is bundled in the product.

    It seems to me, however, that all of the praise is coming from developers and people who have actually seen the product, while all of the hand-wringing and cries of doom emanate from the impatient.

    I’ll reserve my opinion until the product is sitting in my pocket. Then I’ll have put it through its paces enough to give it a fair assessment.

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