Apple iPhone Verizon: What’s the rumour about?

We’ve all read about Verizon supposedly being in negotiations with Apple concerning Verizon gaining a new Apple iPhone which will run on their CDMA network.

But according to a post on cio.de, Ken Dulaney, an analyst for Garner has said he doesn’t think it’s real, and goes on to state…“Apple has said publicly that they don’t care for CDMA because it’s not a WW standard. Thus, the first time Apple could show up on Verizon is when they move to LTE, which is about 2012.”

So could it be a simple ploy by Apple, an Apple started rumour to give them leverage with the exclusivity deal with AT&T? Although giving the iPhone to Verizon would open up a huge customer base for the iPhone.

What do you think?


One thought on “Apple iPhone Verizon: What’s the rumour about?”

  1. JT Longley says:

    Heres an Idea…..We all hold the power to Verizon and to the iphone. How about dropping both of them temporarily. When your contract expires with AT&T, go with a non AT&T pre paid phone. When you contract ends with Verizon, go with a non Verizon pre paid phone. If we all quit putting money in their pockets they will come together and give us what we all want. Within 6 months I bet we would see a Verizon iphone.

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