New Apple iPhone and AT&T Price Plan cuts

According to an article over on newsfactor, the rise in competition of smartphones has analyst’s speculating that there will be some AT&T price cuts, and that they will cut the cost of the Apple iPhone monthly plan by $10, taking it down to $59 per month.

With the expected release of the Palm Pre to be around the $200 mark, one would logically expect when the new iPhone hits, Apple and AT&T would price it a tad lower than that of the Pre, which would be a good move in my opinion.

When AT&T subsidised the Apple iPhone at $199 the iPhone took off sales wise, so if Apple and AT&T were to beat the price of the Palm Pre along with a new $10 less monthly plan there is a possibility that the new iPhone could well cut severely into Pre sales.

Agree or disagree?


One thought on “New Apple iPhone and AT&T Price Plan cuts”

  1. JasonB says:

    They could price the new I-phone at $75 and people would still purchase the Pre for $200. AT&T is making the price reduction because they recognize the potential exodus of clients they are going to have if the Pre turns out to be as good as everyone says (which it will be). AT&T’s exclusive contract with the I-Phone should expire later this year so lets all hope that one day soon we can go over to Verizon and purchase an I-phone.

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