New iPhone for AT&T: Apple may be forced to Verizon By 2011

We’ve read the rumours of Verizon and Apple being in negotiations for the Apple iPhone, but according to an article on i4u, Apple may well be forced to go with Verizon Wireless by 2011.

Apparently growth in the mobile phone market is hitting a point where it can grow no more, and the only huge growth area is smartphones, which will continue to grow until everyone possesses a smartphone.

They also say that many of AT&T customers are only with AT&T because of the Apple iPhone which is expected to make up 18 percent of the company base by 2010. Therefore Apple will try to grab as many customers as it can and going with Verizon could well increase the Apple iPhone customer base from 17 million to 30 million.

So is the iPhone going to Verizon inevitable?


8 thoughts on “New iPhone for AT&T: Apple may be forced to Verizon By 2011”

  1. Scott says:

    How about this novel idea. Sell it both through at&t and verizon. Seems like it would be the best way to get it into everyones hands. I hate this whole sole provider stuff. Its bad for customers.

  2. George says:

    Man Iphone for Verizon HELL YEAH!!!! I have actually consider switching to At&t just to get my hands on such a device!!! so please speed up the process!!!!

  3. THE only reason at&t isn’t 6feet under…iPhone. Mine was a gift from a very generous family member. I don’t want to hurt their feelings by letting them know how utterly sh**y at&t service is, actually they already know with the level of dropped calls we suffer through when speaking with one another. If the DevTeam had everything together before I received this “gift” I would have actually been able bypass the heinous 2-yr obligatory contract agreement to use the “phone” and go with T-Mobile…not great, but a h*ll of a lot better than at&t (iPhone is in quotes because the only part of the “phone” that doesn’t actually work well is just that…aka the idontworkPhone).

    Just sayin…

    Hurry up with the Apple-Verizon marriage…looking forward to a workable “Appizon” coupling.

  4. Jackson says:

    Sure, more markets means more competition and better services… But, whats with all the AT&T bashing (comments)? I left Verizon for the iPhone and have no regrets. Cell service for me on the AT&T network has been a nice improvement over what I left behind and my iPhone is a lot easier to use than my Omnia was.

  5. Vincent says:

    I have ATT but not the iphone but if Verizon gets it I will be the first one in line porting my number over to Verizon. Those S.O.B. at ATT are full of crap and their customer service is worse than any I ever dealt with.

  6. christine says:

    That is so true, i will never ever go with AT&T JUST BECAUSE of their customer service,(I once had AT&T). The people are rude and very nasty and of course not very helpful.


  7. LouisvilleGuy says:

    Bring the iPhone tuhh Sprint we need a new phone at verizon u have the whole driod series nd well (from the coments) A T&T fuckin sucks so bring the iphone to the first 4g network

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