New iPhone 4G: Shall we clear out 3G Stocks

Still not convinced a new iPhone is in the wings? Want some more evidence? Well maybe this is it. A report over on Intomobile has it that Apple themselves is now offering to deliver free, iPhone 3G handsets that are ordered online.

This is superb news for those people who are not too bothered about grabbing hold of the latest iPhone hardware immediately and would rather wait until the right bargain pops up. Furthermore this could well mean Apple is gearing up to clear 3G stocks to make way for a new iPhone.

Obviously the iPhone 3G is still an appealing smartphone for those who don’t have one yet and if you want to grab one from AT&T this deal may be just the one you have been waiting for.


4 thoughts on “New iPhone 4G: Shall we clear out 3G Stocks”

  1. pat says:

    Get the Samsung Omnia i900 (not Verizon) and you troubles with the iphone will be over. The i900 has it all and without all the hassels of waiting for apple to get up and do something. Samsung has already done it!

  2. NotPat says:

    And if you buy a Samsung Omnia i900, you too can act like your phone doesn’t suck, when all the iPhone users laugh at you for paying more for a phone that does half as much.

  3. pat says:


    LOL, the Omnia i900 DOESN’T Suck, far from it. The iphone on the other hand wishes it had just one half the capabilities the Omnia does, and can go from carrier to carrier that uses a sim card without all the “bloatware” iphone and att sticks on it. And the cost, not much, in my case much much less than the iphone, and did I mention without a contract??? Oh, and the 5mg camera, anti-shake, panoramic, flashlight, video camera, and oh, the front camera for when video calling is enabled. Should I say more? Even the new 4G iphone won’t have the capabilites the Omnia does, oh then there is the NEW Omnia HD. 8mg camera, and the list goes on.. Apple, get a grip. Pass on some technology and stop trying to line you pockets with an undeserved amount of useless change for a phone that just doesn’t have it..

  4. Chris says:

    I hope you enjoy your camera and video calling. I will be searching for the nearest restaurant while finding out what song is playing in the grocery store I am in. After that, I think I will check my facebook, twitter, and see if anyone is on msn.Then I will see what movie me and my girlfriend should go see. Then I will call her and tell her. And I think, I might check youtube on the bus ride home. Have fun wih your 8 megapixel camera. 🙂

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