BlackBerry Storm 2 Pictures now removed at RIMS demand

It appears that Research In Motion is becoming a little protective over their Blackberry Storm 2 as the guys over at CrackBerry had a few images of the rumours BlackBerry Storm 2 up on their website.

But it appears RIM has taken umbrage over this and has demanded that the images be removed, which seems to me to be a little over the top.

What would happen if every phone review website turned round and completely ignored the BlackBerry Storm 2 when RIM wants it advertised as much as possible? RIM may not like it but review sites bring a great deal of notice to mobile phones such as the BlackBerry Storm 2, so maybe they should think twice before demanding the removal of images.

What do you think readers?


One thought on “BlackBerry Storm 2 Pictures now removed at RIMS demand”

  1. Dale says:

    Pulling pictures is STUPID.
    based on the pictures I WAS waiting on the new BB Storm.
    Since they pulled them am I to assume that the bbs2 is no more ?

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