Sprint Palm Pre Preview: Details and Thoughts

Laura Sydell of npr.org took herself off to the Palm offices in Sunnyvale where she managed to get a preview of the Palm Pre smartphone, and she says she was impressed with the handset.

She goes on about the usual “fits in the palm” and nice touch screen and keyboard and stuff, and then says the key to the Palm Pre’s success is the software, the webOS, which she says is especially nice that it allows the user to keep open an email whilst searching the address book and calendar, and that being able to keep 3 windows open simultaneously is a real nice feature.

The upshot of her preview though is that she still isn’t too sure if the Palm Pre can save Palm, and it is difficult to imagine anyone would switch to Sprint just for the Palm Pre as it doesn’t have the loyalty base of the iPhone nor the sex appeal.

So, what do you think, will loads of iPhoners swap over to the Pre?


5 thoughts on “Sprint Palm Pre Preview: Details and Thoughts”

  1. WaitingForThePalm says:

    I know that I will switch to the Palm Pre, although I am not an iPhone user. I believe the Palm Pre is a superior product than the iPhone. I think there will be a big rush to Sprint stores on the day that the Palm Pre goes on sale…

  2. I can’t see loads of iPhoners switching to Sprint for the Pre but I can see loads of people that weren’t satisfied with the iPhone nor ATT’s data networking switching to Sprint for the Pre, especially if the price is right.

  3. jay says:

    The pre looks nice, and it adds a few things the iPhone doesn’t have, but I won’t be switching. I’m very happy with my iPhone.

  4. YarnBoy says:

    As an existing Sprint customer stumbling along with a Moto Q, I’m looking forward to taking full advantage of the G3/G43 network with the Pre. In my area (ironically close to 1 Infinite Loop) AT&T’s iPhone data coverage is glitchy at best.
    I also have a great minutes plan that Sprint doesn’t offer anymore, so keeping it is a big bonus. There are many factors affecting people’s choice of phone; a raw side-by-side hardware-software comparison is just one.

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