New iPhone 2009 July 17 Release and Specifications

In the wake of the official Palm Pre release announcement the new iPhone rumour mill begins to churn, as wired.com reports information on a new iPhone which will launch on the 17th of July.

There is even a list of presumed specs which have apparently been provided by a source close to Apple which we have below.

Apparently the new iPhone will be…16GB and 32GB with prices of $199 and $299…3.2 MP camera with video recording and editing…MMS picture and video sending…OLED display…1.5 times more battery life…double RAM and processing power…FM transmitter…glowing logo on rear…rubber tread backing…no more metal edge band…turn by turn directions…compass…GPS, camera, compass and Google Maps combine to identify photos and inform on photo locations.

So there you have it, and if it all pans out then most of the rumours we’ve heard will seem to be correct.


6 thoughts on “New iPhone 2009 July 17 Release and Specifications”

  1. Thank you so much for this prediction of the new iPhone 2009.

    I just dropped my iPhone 16G and it shattered the glass, but it still works, so I put a plastic sheild over the face and I’m going to try to get by with it till this Auguest 2009, when AT&T says I’m eligible for an upgrade!

    This is all good news to my ears : )

  2. Will says:

    Any idea when apple are going to offically tell us of the release? (Like when they make a big thing of it on their website) Thanx for the sneak peak!

  3. Robert says:

    Every time I read about the new iPhone 2009,
    I can’t help to have a HUGE smile on my face.
    Then a little giggle.
    I just can’t help myself.

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