New iPhone, Palm Pre, Samsung i7500, Storm 2, Battle this Summer

Apparently the “most compelling phone drama” will happen this summer beginning the first week in June when Sprint release the Palm Pre. The Palm Pre is undoubtedly the make or break mobile handset for Palm.

Although according to a report on zdnet, Palm is playing down the importance of the Palm Pre, and positions the Pre much like the T-mobile G1 as a starter to a family of mobile phones.

However, the Palm Pre faces some serious competition this summer with the likes of a new iPhone which will be knocking at their door and then there is Samsung’s first Android packing smartphone the Samsung i7500, and the possibility of the BlackBerry Storm 2 in the side wings.

Is this summer going to be a battle of the smartphones? You’d better believe it.


One thought on “New iPhone, Palm Pre, Samsung i7500, Storm 2, Battle this Summer”

  1. Um ... yeah says:

    When was there an announcement of a new iPhone? Rumors are your only sample to use for writing that as relative fact. Retract! Be a journalist. Stop stoking the speculative bonfire

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