AT&T Looking to Acquire Leap Wireless?

Before Verizon Wireless bought Alltel, AT&T was the biggest provider in the US wireless industry, and engadget mobile reckons AT&T has been plotting a counterattack ever since.

As the word is AT&T is taking a hard look at Leap Wireless who owns the Cricket brand as apparently both these companies have cancelled any appearances at a couple of investment conferences next week.

All conjecture at present though but with AT&T presumably wanting that top slot back and the popularity of cheap unlimited plans offered by the likes of Cricket, it is quite possible isn’t it.


One thought on “AT&T Looking to Acquire Leap Wireless?”

  1. Does not seem likely. With only 3.5 million current customers and being on different network types (ATT on GSM and Cricket on CDMA) does not seem that likely. This would cost ATT more than it would be worth. Verizon or Sprint would be a better match with Cricket due to CDMA being shared. Verizon does not have a lower tier line, like that of Sprint, with its Boost Mobile division. Sprint’s Boost unit is on fire and adding the Cricket customers to Boost would make it a power house in the low-end unlimted space.

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