New Apple iPhone Pro, 32GB, 3.5, 3.9G and 4G

When a new mobile phone comes out an important piece of the handset is what it is called and no doubt much deliberation goes into that phone title. So the guys over at the iphone blog have been toying with what the new iPhone will be known as.

Apparently the whispers hitting the net waves is iPhone 32GB which would seem to be unlikely. iPhone 3.5 and 3.9G have also been touted but seems somewhat inelegant for the iPhone.

There is of course the iPhone 4G but that would require 4G LTE networks which aren’t rolled out yet so probably not. How about the iPhone Pro? That would fit in with Apple’s MacBook Pro, but the term Pro is already overused by others.

Personally I think iPhone 2009 fits nicely, but what do our readers think? Any would-be iPhone titles on offer?


2 thoughts on “New Apple iPhone Pro, 32GB, 3.5, 3.9G and 4G”

  1. dubs says:

    my guess: it will be called the “iphone 32gb” i suspect that whatever upgrades other than storage (3mp camera, etc) will also be applied to the smaller capacity iphones. Although i think it is likely they will discontinue the 8 gb.

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