Palm Pre to be sold only to the Right Customers?

Apparently a Palm and Sprint Palm Pre Launch Guide has the statement in it…We Can’t Afford to Sell the Pre to the Wrong Customers, reports ubergizmo.

Now if true just what does the “Wrong Customer” mean to Palm and Sprint? We already know places such as Best Buy will have limited stock of the Palm Pre.

Does this statement mean potential customers for the Palm Pre need to be vetted before being allowed to purchase? Are normal everyday people not worthy of the Palm Pre? If said statement is true just how are sales people going to work out who the right customers are?

Any ideas?


2 thoughts on “Palm Pre to be sold only to the Right Customers?”

  1. paul says:

    get a grip mate. . . and a life

    if you want people to talk to, leave the house! Ask them your stupid questions.

    how did this page come up in my rss feeds!! grrrr waste of time writing this, shit i need to get a life!

  2. Rodden Shaw says:

    The launch guide outlines what Palm/Sprint define as being the ‘right customer’ and it’s not nearly as offensive as you suggest it may be. In fact, reading the launch guide it appears that Sprint is making an effort to help their customers pick the handset that is best for them, which is good customer service in my book.

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