AT&T Text Voting: Adam Lambert American Idol title

AT&T, sponsor of American Idol, has attempted to quash the latest “Adam Lambert was robbed” theory by stating some over eager AT&T employees helped Arkansas fans by text at a viewing party, however they didn’t influence the final result.

Last week Idol favourite, Lambert, lost out to Kris Allen of Conway, Ark. Customers of AT&T were allowed to text in their vote. According to an article on mercurynews, roughly 20 mobile phones were brought to 2 parties in Arkansas and 2 of those mobile phones were capable of “power texting.”

However, a person with knowledge of the voting results confirmed that Kris Allen won by a considerable margin and a handful of voters would not have changed the outcome.


3 thoughts on “AT&T Text Voting: Adam Lambert American Idol title”

  1. leigh says:

    Straight after the final a group of 105 people admitted and bragged that between them they managed to get in over 400,000 text votes. So to say that if those people with knowledge of how to power text to that extent and obviously hundreds more who were informed how to do this, could definitely have made Kris win not ‘legal”.

  2. Sal says:

    Of course “idol” Kris won by a considerable landslide.
    A whole bunch of “ICON” Adam fans couldn’t vote. Why you ask? They got a busy signal or their text votes didn’t get through for some STRANGE reason. There are hundreds of stories about this all over the internet.

    This is fraudulent behavior on the part of AT&T and FOX (AI). They will be boycotted next year and deservingly so. Fans are not going to let this one go.
    f’ing cheaters!

  3. peggy says:

    So far all I have heard is the christian side of the idol show and will people realize this is not a religion show and let people be themselves…they talk about Kris like he is a saint and Adam is not…well sometimes the saint isn’t as good as the non saint so they say. Adam made Idol this year and it was with class and poise…he has worked hard since a kid to become a beautiful singer….I just hope the best for both of them, even tho’ I am sure it was rigged…….

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