I want a free Best Buy Mobile Palm Pre: Reward Zone

If you want a free Palm Pre then Best Buy has the answer for you, we found via BGR that Best Buy are having a massive giveaway.

This giveaway started yesterday Sunday 31st and will run until June 6th which is great news, if you are a Reward Zone member then you are in with a chance, if you are not a member then we say join now.

Just enter to win one of ten Palm Pre handsets; the phone will come with six months of free Sprint service from Best Buy Mobile. What you waiting for get over to Best Buy, please let us know if you have entered the giveaway.


2 thoughts on “I want a free Best Buy Mobile Palm Pre: Reward Zone”

  1. DavidR. says:

    Don’t know how you can call giving away a whopping 10 phones nationwide a “massive” giveaway. But I signed up. Best Buy personnel online and in-store seem utterly clueless about the Palm Pre, let alone the promotion. All of which doesn’t bode well for customer satisfaction if you do nab a Pre. But we’ll leave typing complaint emails to Best Buy to the allegedly lame Pre keboard later on.

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