Motorola MOTOROKR S9 HD Bluetooth for iPhone 3.0 gets reviewed

As we all know when iPhone 3.0 hits this summer it will enable iPhone users to use Bluetooth and stereo headsets with both A2DP and ARCP protocols.

theiphoneblog took a look at the Motorola S9 Stereo Bluetooth Headset for iPhone 3.0 previously and now looks at the Motorola MOTOROKR S9 HD and has found it offers great sound.

Other factors they found where it has good battery life, is well suited for on the go usage, is light and comfortable, while on the down side it may not fit all head sizes and isn’t suited for lying down.


12 thoughts on “Motorola MOTOROKR S9 HD Bluetooth for iPhone 3.0 gets reviewed”

  1. Marc Nevin says:

    Surprise the pause.play/stop button controls the iPhone 3g with Firmware 3.0. Was not supposed to support this protocal but it does at least for this function. Unfortunately it does NOT support the NextTrack and PreviousTrack buttons.

    Sound quality and volume are excellent, very comfortable.

  2. Daniel says:

    I am surprised that the forward and advance track does not work, as it worked quite well with the non HD S9 & an A2DP adapter. It is nice not having to use an adapter. I highly recommend both the S9 and the S9-HD for use with the iPhone 3.0.

  3. Tal says:

    have been using a set of s9 hd’s for about 6 months now. Friday I wore them while biking home. Saturday I bought the iPhone 3G S. I went to try them, and I only got mono.

    I tried them with the older iPhone, and it was still mono.

    So, I don’t know if it’s coincidence that they broken when I tried them, or if it’s a setting that I can’t get off of. However, it’s quite annoying.

  4. Bryan says:

    The HD S9 is NOT worth it; after a few months the volume control fails, and I can no longer control the volume. This is very similar to the experience I had with the previous version; make me wonder if Motorola even knows what “testing” means. Besides that, it’s function as a hands free for the phone is piss-poor at that, again a failure to test is to blame. All I can say is Dilbert must work for Motorola, great design, but due to too many pointy haired bosses very poor production quality, banking too much on their name I guess.

  5. George says:

    Does anyone have a problem with the s9 HD cutting out when the screen on the iphone 3g turns off while music is still playing. It all works great as long as the screen is on, but once it goes off to conserve battery the music cuts in and out, mostly out.

  6. If the screen cuts out and the music goes out, reset your network settings settings>general>reset>reset network settings. Works great after doing this, I had the same issue.

  7. I’ve found that the experience is less than perfect. First, I was a little shocked by the user guide that openly admitted that this product doesn’t work well unless it has line-of-sight to the source. This means, and they specifically state this… that keeping your iPhone in your pocket will produce less desirable results. They recommend using an arm band style of carrying case. Personally, I’ve noticed it cut out and/or change the speed of the music (which is really weird) when I’ve kept my iPhone in my pocket and used the S9-HD at the same time. Had I known this before I purchased, I might have passed on this model. Another problem that I ran into was that, as mentioned above, the music would cut out as soon as the screen on the iPhone went into standby mode. At first, I couldn’t believe it but, as also mentioned above, going to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network solves this problem… at least temporarily until the next time it happens.

  8. Tommy D says:

    I’ve used the S9 set for a while. The sound is great and the mic is very clear even when riding a bike. They were fully functional with the 3.0 OS for a short time. Now after several updated OS’s, only the left side buttons actually does something. The right side beeps as if it was doing something but no. I know they’re not broken since all the buttons work when synced with my PC. I was hoping to see here that the HD’s were fully functional but no.

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