New Apple iPhone 3.0 OS 2009 Vs Sony PSP Go

According to an article on product-reviews, the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch have changed the portable gaming industry, before people would pay high prices for the likes of Sony PSP games or Nintendo DS; there is now a cheaper option available.

The Sony PSP obviously has better controls, but uses game discs whereas with the iPhone games can be downloaded from the Apple App Store as digital content, which can be done by the PS3 but more options was needed for storage.

Sony’s answer is the PSP Go that is rumoured to sport some 16GB of storage, no UMD disk format and digital content downloads, so if the PSP Go and Sony can produce great digital download solution it could well be the better portable option.

Having said that, the new iPhone 3.0 OS is set to improve iPhone portable gaming with the addition of push notifications that will enable improved gaming interactivity, and if the new iPhone 2009 pops up as expected with its rumoured OLED display that will further improve the iPhone gaming experience.

So given the option, which would you prefer to game on, the iPhone with OS 3.0 or the PSP Go?


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