New iPhone 2009 Screenshots: Compass, auto-focus camera, CPU activity log

Oh yes you can now see the awesome new Apple iPhone 2009 screenshots, by following this link you will get to see screenshots of the digital compass, auto-focus camera, CPU activity log, user-selectable focus reticle and much more.

The all new iPhone 2009 that is believed to be launching July 17th is very much talked about and these new spy shots should excite you some more, this is obviously all part of the new iPhone OS 3.0 software.

We can expect to see a much more improved iPhone and of course operating system, could there really be a new earpiece/speaker design coming to the new unreleased iPhone? We cannot see these spy shots being fakes but then the world is a clever place, leaks are leaks at the end of the day so we will sit back relax and then see what happens on launch day.

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