Health: Cell Phone Elbow thanks to excessive mobile use

We hear a great deal about how today’s mobile phones affect our health, and now according to an article on philstar, American orthopaedic specialists have stated that using your mobile phone too much can lead to “mobile phone elbow.”

Apparently 66 year old Donna Malloy noticed numbness in her hands when she spoke on her mobile phone for hours resulting in her dropping things in her left hand and she found it difficult to do needlework.

After a visit to her doctor she was diagnosed as suffering from “mobile phone elbow,” which is also known as cubital tunnel syndrome. The doc suggested surgery, after which Malloy said her hands “are now fine, it doesn’t bother me.”

Apparently the first symptoms of “mobile phone elbow,” include the aforementioned numbness, aching or tingling in the forearm and hand, and a pain which is similar to that of hitting your funny bone.

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  1. Cell phone elbow is also known as “cellbow” or its official name, cubital tunnel syndrome (CuTS).

    CuTS is a repetitive stress injury (RSI) that can result in moderate to severe pain and numbness in the elbow and ring & little fingers. Untreated, CuTS can result in extreme pain, surgery or an unusable hand.

    The problem occurs where the ulnar nerve passes around the elbow. The nerve rests in a groove called the cubital tunnel tucked behind the bony point on the elbow. Repeated stretching or hitting this nerve results in numbness, shocks and pain, similar to what you feel when you hit your “funny bone.”

    The ulnar nerve can be stretched and irritated by talking on a cellphone frequently or for long periods. If you cannot reduce your cell phone use, the next best solution is to buy an earpiece that allows you to talk on your phone hands-free.

    If any of your readers are afflicted with cellbow, they may wish to visit our Cubital-Tunnel.com forums where they can share their experiences, ask questions and get answers about their condition.

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