Is Palm Pre Smart, is iPhone Software better?

Had the Palm Pre arrived about a year ago it would have beaten the iPhone 3G, iTunes App Store, Google Android, BlackBerry Storm and Bold, and BlackBerry App World, but arriving now the Palm Pre seems evolutionary rather than revolutionary claims an article on businessweek.

Due to the arrival of the Apple iPhone, smartphones have evolved into handheld computers, and as competition intensifies, hardware features like the Palm Pre are simply table stakes.

Once the Palm Pre launches tomorrow it has a long way to go. The real game is in the software and for the Pre to succeed, Palm will need to entice an army of developers to develop applications that are much better than that of the iPhone.

Palm’s online store, the App Catalog is sparse and almost empty of mobile games and no applications to fast access to social networking site such as Twitter and Facebook, the user has to use the web browser for those services which is a large step backwards.

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