WWDC 2009: New 32GB iPhone V3 at Carphone Warehouse should be 3GS

The Carphone Warehouse system is showing up the all new Apple iPhone 2009 and it has been marked as the 32GB iPhone V3, we have known about this for a few days but thought we would hold off for a bit to see what happens today.

Well we know that at the WWDC 2009 today (Kick off time 6PM UK time) will chat about the OS 3.0 and the new iPhone, yes the 16 and 32GB capacities will emerge and apparently the iPhone nano, well seeing as the Carphone Warehouse system is showing new 32GB iPhone V3 in white and black we need to know if this is true because today we have already reported that the new iPhone has been marked down as the “iPhone 3GS”.


So what is all this whispers bring us “iPhone32gGbV3″ and iPhone 16GbV3” about then? We will keep you posted today as we will be covering all about WWDC 2009, sign up to our newsletter as you really do not want to miss out. Here is the Timetable of today’s event.

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