Are there key elements missing from new iPhone 3G S?

No doubt the new iPhone 3G S along with the iPhone OS 3.0 will eventually find their way into the hands of enterprise users, but is the iPhone 3G S and iPhone OS 3.0 secure enough for corporate network?

Apparently mobile security experts have spoken to informationweek, and have said although iPhone OS 3.0 is a significant improvement it may fall short in a few categories.

According to InnoPath marketing manager, Jason Lackey, “A lot of folks are concerned about feature lists, and they put checkmarks next to a long list of options but no one cares about how they’re implemented or if the end user benefits from it. Apple has shown they know how to bake in these features, and bake them in right.”

Lackey believes the improved iPhone OS 3.0 and the lower price of the iPhone 3G will be a catalyst for larger adoption within the enterprise environment. One appealing feature is the ability to use the iPhone as a wireless modem for laptops.


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  1. The folks at Apple are brilliant. They are doing a very good job conquering the enterprise market by making the phone they want to make, not the phone that enterprises want to buy. Let’s face it, when you think about really major features about the only thing that makes the iPhone an enterprise smartphone is the Exchange/ActiveSync support. No keyboard and other than lock and wipe from Exchange no central manageability. But in the end, it doesn’t matter because the corner office types will still bring them in to the office and tell IT to make it work with Exchange. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

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