iPhone 3G S: Will AT&T Customers Upgrade?

Although the new iPhone 3G S sounds great, it isn’t that much of an update to the iPhone 3G although there are a few more things such as speed, storage, battery life, better camera and new video, but the iPhone 3G S may be a sucker’s bet right now says an article on WSJ.

Current iPhone owners got to upgrade their iPhone last year to the tune of a fully subsidised $199 and $299, yet this year iPhone owners who are one year into their contract will be required to fork over $399 and $499 to upgrade.

The reason is AT&T subsidises the iPhone based on a 2 year contract and if customers only paid 1 year for that contract then AT&T would have to bare the costs. But this is a bad idea as the rep of AT&T attests that their service is sketchy, they delay roll out of features, they block applications such as slingplayer, and they rip off with text messaging. All this mixed with the dislike of AT&T could well damage iPhone 3G S sales.

Will you upgrade to the iPhone 3G S?


2 thoughts on “iPhone 3G S: Will AT&T Customers Upgrade?”

  1. As much as I want an iPhone, I will NEVER go to AT$T for numerous reasons which mostly have to do with GREED….and HORRIBLE customer service. I will get it with Verizon on Day 1….or I will just wait

  2. wayne says:

    I am with at&t and have a Iphone 3g but I will up grade to the new 3gs because after going threw many pda I have found one that has become a part of my life as far as at&t their support could not get any worse one of the reason my blackberry curve is in the desk now. With the Iphone the support comes from apple and those people know what they are doing.

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