5 things why Palm Pre is very good

For about a week Bonnie Cha of Cnet has been playing with the Palm Pre and some of its newness has now worn off but the Palm Pre still stands out from the crowd, and she has posted 5 things why the Palm Pre is very good.

First up is multitasking; multitasking pn the Palm Pre is more sophisticated and easy and a killer feature is being able to run programs in the background whilst working on another and also being able to switch from one to the other.

Then there is Synergy, giving the ability to organise, and bring together email accounts and contacts in a few easy steps and imports contacts photos and deletes duplicates; although there was a problem syncing Facebook contacts.

Next there is the Palm Pre camera, which she says the 3 megapixel camera is impressive delivering images which are sharp with vibrant colours along with very little shutter lag.

Then the Palm Pre web browser; although envious of the Safari browser on the iPhone the Palm Pre web browser manages ease of navigation and page management just as good as the iPhone.

The final spot goes to GPS on the Palm Pre; the Palm Pre GPS along with Sprint Navigation speed and accuracy is impressive and the location services are integrated into some of the applications like fandango and Citysearch, and the bonus is native real time turn-by-turn navigation.


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  1. mark says:

    Thanks. All these reviews keep solidifying the fact that these are only “reasons why this is a good phone” In reality, the only good reason to buy this phone ever, is because of the network it runs on or you got a good deal on it. The new iphone is over rated and so is this by FAR…. Get the old iphone for a cheaper discount. Get a G1 (weak network at a great price) or N97 (costly, but great features). Anyone with two licks of sense has to know how to run and clean out a smart phone, or just keep nothing on it and buy something cheaper. There’s your bottom buck people.

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