WWDC 2009: Apple iPhone 3GS, OS 3.0: Good, Bad and utter shocking

We all knew the Apple iPhone 3G S was coming and the annoucement at WWDC was exciting and pretty much all of us are excited about it, but are we all happy about the iPhone and its pricing plans is a question that needs pondering.

We heard about the iPhone 3GS and the new OS 3.0 software and it all seems to be very good indeed; in fact we are very happy about all of it, but the upgrade and pricing is something that has a lot to be desired.

Let’s explain the good bits: All current iPhone owners will indeed get the all new iPhone OS 3.0 software for free which is great and with the new iPhone 3G S having voice control and video recording is superb and cannot wait to get our mitts on one, the original 8GB iphone is now only $99 for new AT&T subscribers (Not UK), there is a chance that the new iPhone will have a matte black finish on its back-cover.

Now let’s talk about the bad bits: iPod Touch users will get stung for $9.95 for the iPhone OS 3.0 upgrade, iPhone 3G S name is pretty bland when you think about it; they should have called it iPhone 3G Video or something similar.

Now the utter shocking: Yes all new customers are qualified for upgrades but we are getting sweet prices on the iPhone hardware, the price for example will smash your pocket for from $399 to a huge $699 to get an iPhone 3G S. If you go with AT&T you be a little upset to learn that MMS is coming later in the summer and the tethering is coming but no one knows when and how much it will cost.

The most annoying bit that really disgusts us is the fact if you wish for an early upgrade from your current 3G to the new iPhone 3GS you will have to pay the rest of your contract up and pay a possible termination fee (Ouch that will hurt).

What are your views on the above?


6 thoughts on “WWDC 2009: Apple iPhone 3GS, OS 3.0: Good, Bad and utter shocking”

  1. Fernando Lozano says:

    I thought that MMS was a done deal for many carriers around the world. From my understanding, it was only here in the states and ATT which was lagging.

    I know this article didn’t address the Apple/ATT situation here in the states. But, on a sidenote, for us chaps here in the States I continue to be mystified by the backlash that Apple is taking from people wanting to upgrade to the new 3Gs model when they are only 12 or less into their contracts. In the US anyway, how is the iPhone any different from every other phone you get from a cell carrier? You DID sign a contract when you got the phone initially. There is the understanding that after the 24 month period you qualify for a new phone at the upgrade price. Why would anyone expect to get a new phone every 12 months with the upgrade price? It has never been that way for ANY phone that you get for free or some reduced price from a US carrier. I don’t mean to vent.

  2. Matt says:

    I don’t understand all this complaining – how is this different from every other cell phone contract? You don’t get the bargain on a new phone until your 2-year contract is up. This is a non-story. Stop flogging it for page hits.

  3. klasseng says:

    Of course iPod Touch users have to pay for the upgrade, there’s no subscription fees on the Touch, just the iPhone. All other major iPod Touch upgrades have had a fee, too.

    You are SHOCKED that you have work out the rest of the contract before you get a new iPhone?!?!? Let me give you the scoop here . . . it happens with every other phone, with every carrier where you get an expensive phone at a discount because you signed a contract! Duh!

  4. IT Guy says:

    The furor over AT&T’s lack of interest in giving recent 3G owners fully discounted iPhones 3GS’s strikes me as more than a little silly. AT&T offered to give me a discounted 3G back in January in return for extending my contract. I knew Apple was coming out with 3rd gen hardware this summer and decided to wait to upgrade so I could get the new iPhone with a full discount. This is standard industry practice. Why would AT&T be any different? Grow up iPhone bloggers. I’d rather see AT&T put their iPhone dollars into building out their network and improving service than subsidizing people who have had their phones for less than a year.

    I just paid $299 for my 32GB iPhone 3GS, $200 less than I paid for my 8GB 1st gen 22 months ago. Life’s good.

  5. AppleSucks says:

    Wow!!! It does MMS!! Thats an advanced feature for phones nowadays! LOL’s at Apple! All their products suck, but Iphone is possibly the worst! And to all the Iphone 1 owners whinging that they cant upgrade to new Iphone for free?? WTF?!?! WHy should they?? Noone else can get out of a contract for a mobile before the contract period is up so why should IPhone users have it any different? Typical Apple user mentality!!!

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