Palm Pre is Cracking Up?

How long has the Palm Pre been available? Not long enough for reports of screen cracking. However apparently precentral has received its first report of a Palm Pre screen cracking which was reported the day after the launch.

The word is that Palm Pre screen cracks aren’t just an isolated case either as a fair quantity of Palm Pre owners are reporting screen cracks around the centre button and form a spider web across the screen.

Having said that, Sprint is quick to replace any cracked Palm Pre handset without having to go through the TEP. But it has to be said that this sort of thing happening so early on in the life of the Palm pre does not bode well.


3 thoughts on “Palm Pre is Cracking Up?”

  1. Jack says:

    oh come on, it’s probably isolated incidents, they must have smashed the screen to make Palm look bad! No way anymore than 5% of the phones have hardware defects! In fact, it’s not really defects, it’s progress, so palm in fact did a good job and probably meant to put it there to make it fair for all the other competitors who will soon lose all their customers. So stop picking on the Pre, even analysts think it’s good for the company!

  2. Mana says:

    I have a brand new pre. The phone was in it’s case. I pulled it out and the screen was cracked just as mentioned about. The phone hadn’t been dropped, smashed, hit… It was just cracked.

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