iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update: Push Notifications

We are still clicking the update Software button in iTunes and still no new iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update, so let’s talk about the all new ‘Push Notifications’ that will be within the new software.

Push Notifications has now got its very own top-level button in beta and as part of beta 5 and Apple starting the push for Notification testing we can all get pretty excited. You will be able to globally or individually enable or disable Sounds, Alerts (text boxes), and of course use badges.

Each app will get its very own sub-screen to do likewise, for example Twitter to badge but not alert, IM to sound but not badge, etc and so forth, entirely your choice. Push Notification-enabled apps will ask for your permission on launch which will then give you the chance to choose either “Don’t Allow” or “Okay” on a per-app basis.

We will be bringing you much more news on the all new iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update as soon as it is live which will be happening any time now in the UK. Are you getting excited? Vote Now

UPDATE: iPhone OS 3.0 is now live

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