iPhone OS 3.0 Update Arrival Times

Today all hungry iPhone users should see the iPhone OS 3.0 update released, but for iPhoner’s in the UK it is still a few hours away and should arrive in the UK between 5 and 7PM according to Pocket-lint.

Obviously lucky iPhoner’s over in the States will hit iPhone OS 3.0 first with an estimated arrival time of about 2:30PM in New York. Europe should see iPhone OS 3.0 hit between 4 and 6PM.

The word is that due to time differences, Apple Singapore will gain the iPhone OS 3.0 update on the 18th but Apple India is scheduled for the 17th.


5 thoughts on “iPhone OS 3.0 Update Arrival Times”

  1. Kieran Fox says:

    How does 2.30pm in New York make them first to receive it, if we’re due between 5pm and 7pm?! They’re 5 hours behind us!

    Surely to save on server load, they’ll stagger the launch between countries? You’d have thought they’d learnt their lesson after last year’s mess up!

  2. Emma says:


    7:55 pm in england, haven’t got it.

    ugghhh. i check at 8am today & im sad because ntohign hjappened.
    i keep checking updates. nothing.

    any help?

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